KG constructions


About KG constructions

      The Organization which is now potential enough to form paver finisher roads along with civil construction of greater magnitude with clear time frame, and which has all mechanical equipments for constructing international quality roads, with the team of engineering experts in the art of road constructions was started in the year 1992 a paver equipment,one central hot mix plant ans two rollers.

      KGC was involving itself right from the inception only on the road construction activity with the specific on national and state high ways decides corporation of chennai, villupuram-uluthurpet national high way and arterial chennai corporation bus rout roads are few stand testimony for that,such were going on up to 20077

      After 2007 , the firm was taken over by the present partners viz.., and has been carrying out the similar but with wider perspective.The firm was not only focusing on the main activity but also on its allied activities like developing quarry and crushing unit for raw material use.

Our mission and vission

  • Continued association and network with ‘Experts’ in the field
  • Cost competitiveness through ‘Technology’ and ‘Speed of execution
  • Continuous learning & application of Technological improvements in ‘Projects execution

Quality Promise

  • Quality in time Plan,Work Schedule and prompt completion.
  • Quality in action then in version.
  • Quality in Plant materials.
  • Quality in raw materials.
  • Quality in latest road laying technology.
  • Quality in client relationship